Robotic Surgery

Our portable robot is on its way.

Surge-on Medical is currently developing a robotic system that is portable, cleanable, affordable and compatible with our steerable instruments: the Portable Laparoscopy Robot System (PoLaRS).

A portable robot for laparoscopy in remote areas

Our robotic master-slave system is designed to be transported in two cases by a single person. This gives the surgical staff the freedom to install the system within minutes in the operation room of choice. As the Master has its own foldable stand that supports the surgical arms, there is no need to connect the arms to the operation table. Therefore the system requires no modification of the existing facilities in the operation room.

PoLaRS is being built on the same principles of Surge-on Medical’s SATA technology. Consequently, our portable robot will be modular, easy to clean and compatible with our steerable instruments while remaining affordable for hospitals in low and middle-income countries.

PoLaRS will:

  • increase the number of hospitals that are able to perform robotic surgery;
  • become the ideal portable robotic system to be used in difficult access areas (third and second world countries, emergency zones, use by the army).
  • be easy to install, to maintain, to clean and to relocate depending on the needs of the surgeon and of the supporting staff.