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The Journey of the Steerable Punch

The Steerable Punch is an innovative cutter for knee surgery that is taking the arthroscopy field by storm. Its simplistic design and steerable cable-free mechanism seem to be coming out of a surgeon’s (and CSD staff’s!) dream, making everyone wonder why no one had...

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The Need for Steerable Instruments in Surgery

Minimally invasive surgeries are still predominantly performed using handheld instruments. As such, surgeons need appropriate tools to translate elaborate hand motions towards the surgical site through the very small incisions that limit their capabilities. In the...

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Who Are We? Tim Horeman, the Disruptive CTO

In a world full of followers, it is not easy to be the one thinking differently. Instead of continuing with the same line of ideas, Tim Horeman dared to radically change the approach to medtech solutions. And we are happy he did. The outstanding genius In the world of...

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