Based on the multi-DOF SATA technology, Surge-on Medical is developing a new line of configurable and reusable laparoscopic instruments in the 5 to 8 mm range: steerable laparoscopic handhelds.

Characteristics of the steerable handhelds:

  • Configurable instrument tip, providing better reach to surgical areas and superior alignment with critical structures.
  • Reusable, due to its modular design easy to detach, clean and rinse.
  • Operated by two steering wheels that are aligned with the shaft for intuitive instrument tip actuation.
steerable handheld

Prototype of the 5 mm Steerable Grasper

Our innovative instrument designs will be fully compliant with future regulations for endoscopic instruments, as visioned by the FDA. This gives us a competitive advantage over all the other devices that are not detachable.

The benefits of laparoscopic surgery with configurable and steerable instrument tips are endless.

Aside of optimizing the articulation and steering mechanisms that we integrated into our instruments, we recently started the development of a wide range of (energy powered) end effectors.

We can adapt to our steerable handheld scissors, atraumatic graspers, needle drivers and clip appliers towards fulfilling the needs of our partners and customers.

As the SATA technology allows new instruments to fulfill multiple functions through a small diameter, it proved to be an ideal candidate for advanced laparoscopic surgery performed with robotic systems. Therefore, Surge-on Medical is currently integrating a bipolar SATA powered instrument tip into multiple robotic master-slave systems.

This technology led to the development of our portable robot PoLaRS

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