Benno Groosman MScBA has been appointed as CEO of Surge-on Medical B.V.  Until this moment, as a co-founder, Benno was performing the role of Business Director of Surge-on Medical for the last two years. Surge-on Medical believes that this organizational change was required to achieve the further professionalization of the company.

At Surge-on Medical, we are confident in the abilities of our CEO. Benno has proven to be capable of rapidly developing medical technology companies, as shown by his past endeavors. “We have seen what he’s capable of”, says Tim Horeman, PhD, co-founder and CTO. “I know Benno since years ago when we were working in different companies, and I noticed his drive and business experience. I realized that he was a great addition to Surge-on, and today we can see what he’s achieved in our company. Choosing him as CEO is the right decision to keep growing as a company”.

About Benno Groosman

Even before graduating from Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Benno founded companies, and every10thing has been scaling up from there. Benno developed an impressive track record in funding. He raised over 2 million euros for his medtech startups from grants, banks, investors and (European) funds.

“In the past two years, Surge-on Medical has validated the market and the technology, now the main challenges for the coming period are to market the Steerable Punch and to acquire funding for the development of multiple surgical applications for our technology. With our great team, partners and network, I am confident to complete these challenges in my new role as the CEO”, Benno Groosman says.


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