We are pleased to announce that our research intern, Rosnelo Fernandes, graduated with honors from his master studies in Mechanical Engineering after completing his graduation thesis at Surge-on Medical.Rosnelo Fernandes

Surge-on Medical is in the current process of developing a robotic system that is portable, cleanable, affordable and compatible with our steerable instruments: the Portable Laparoscopy Robot System (PoLaRS). This innovative development has been used for the output of Rosnelo’s research that has been conducted under the daily guidance of Surge-on Medical’s CTO, Tim Horeman.

Given his passion for serving Surge-on Medical, Rosnelo brings a wealth of experience in the technology industry which has given him experience in various skills such as designing, engineering, and management.

We congratulate Rosnelo on his graduation and wish him the best for his next adventure!


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