Surge-on Medical’s patented technology will be used by Delft University of Technology and its Indian partners to develop medical devices for affordable health in India. The winning proposal aims to develop affordable minimally invasive devices able to scale up the availability of minimally invasive surgery (MlS) in low resource settings. The developed instruments will make MIS possible, cheaper, safer, easier to perform, and without the need of a sterile operating room.

As the demand for innovative surgical healthcare systems is growing, it also becomes clear that some middle and low-income countries cannot benefit from the innovative but capital-intensive systems offered by the large industry. This is where Surge-on Medical’s intellectual property makes the difference: our technology makes steerable instruments cleanable and reusable. Therefore, the costs for MIS instruments can be reduced up to 80%, as expensive cleaning methods are not needed and the instruments can be used multiple times.

Surge-on Medical is glad to contribute to healthcare improvement in India and looks forward to supporting more projects for making minimally invasive surgery affordable in low resource settings.

For more information, visit the Delft University of Technology website.


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