Yesterday, Tim Horeman-Franse, co-founder and CTO of Surge-on Medical, won the Prince Friso Engineer Award 2016. He received the prize during the awards ceremony, led by KIVI-president Martin van Pernis. The two Dutch princesses Beatrix and Mabel were also present.

Tim has, for example, improved surgical tools to make surgery less complicated. He also invented a dental drill with a battery for people in Third World Countries. His personal trademark became: making it possible to disassemble surgical instruments for easy cleaning.

The judges have decided to give Tim Horeman the award, because he’s “a true engineer, driven by a very clear vision”, according to Micaela dos Ramos, chair woman of the judges and director of KIVI. “Tim has the ambition and the power to turn his innovative ideas into actual products, by which he truly improves a part of the healthcare sector”.

Not only Dos Ramos, but also the other judges were fond of Tim’s products and ideas. “His work is a nice cross-over between technique and healthcare. He really succeeds when it comes to turning new knowledge into new products”.

Tim also found a way into the conservative world of surgeons. The judges: “Tim showed that he’s able to engage with surgeons to improve his products and to make them suitable for the market. Besides the fact that he’s also a teacher, he always tries to motivate young engineers for the discipline”.

Want to read the Dutch profile of Tim in ‘De Ingenieur’? Click here.

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