Our vision is to develop affordable minimally invasive devices that are able to scale up the availability of minimally invasive surgery (MlS). Our devices will make MIS possible, cheaper, safer and easier to perform. By achieving this, the goal is to become a worldwide leader in the development of minimally invasive surgical instruments.


Our mission is to improve arthroscopic, laparoscopic and robotic surgeries for patients and surgeons by developing steerable and cleanable instruments. With our focus on sustainability, we have made our instruments reusable and cleanable, and ultimately more environmentally friendly.

Core Values

Surge-on Medical has the goal to become the worldwide leader in the development of minimally invasive surgical instruments. We want to provide innovative surgical tools that optimize and expand the performance of the surgeons to enhance the quality of care for the patient. We do this by listening to surgeons and by implementing our joint solutions in our instruments.


Our team and network are formed by industry experts, scientists, and surgeons. The strong collaboration with other parties helps us to gain more insights that can help us optimize our tools, technology, research, and development.


There is an increasing demand for medical innovations, and our team and supportive network contribute to our constant developments. We believe in our strength to keep developing innovative surgical instruments in the field of minimally invasive surgery.


Our hard work is reflected in the quality of our products, we believe in our technology and represent this in our daily business activities. This allows us to deliver the best quality of surgical instruments to our customers.