Surge-on Medical is developing a Virtual Reality training system for robotic surgery, the PoLaRS-VR training module.

A master robot connected to cutting-edge training software will allow surgeons to develop the skills they need for robotic surgery.


Advanced training where only the master robot is required connected to the VR environment.


Easy to install and to operate. Intuitive and cutting edge training software equipped with 3D pick-and-place tasks.


Light weight system, easy to transport in a suitcase. Ideal to be shared in teaching hospitals.

Steerable Punch 4An intuitive and affordable training system for surgeons

Surge-on Medical is connecting the PoLaRS master to a Virtual Reality (VR) environment, as an alternative use for the master robot. This will allow hospitals to use PoLaRS to locally train their surgeons.

The intuitive software will include a variety of 3D pick-and-place tasks to help surgeons to develop the skills required for robotic surgery.

Punch in hand2Who can operate the complex surgical robot?

The lack of trained surgeons with the knowledge, experience, and physical ability to operate surgical robotic systems, next to the lack of locally arranged training possibilities, is the second reason why robotic surgery has not been implemented on a large scale in developing areas.

Punch in tray (1)More trained surgeons prepared to deliver better healthcare worldwide

Surge-on Medical’s VR training module will be simple and affordable, aiming to train surgeons in robotic laparoscopy surgery. Our modular setup allows surgeons to develop their surgical skills without having to invest in expensive complete robotic systems.

Having the PolaRS master robot with the VR module available at a local teaching hospital will allow surgeons to keep their skills up to date without having to frequently travel to European or American skills centers.



The PoLaRS-VR training module is a rapidly evolving project.

The PoLaRS-VR module has been built and will be tested in a comparison study with commercial robotic systems, in collaboration with Dutch hospitals.